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Among the best diving in the Philippines is at Ticao Island. Whale Sharks, Manta Rays, reef sharks, coral gardens, amazing fish life, and lots of critters. To add to that, Ticao’s waters are visited by Thresher Sharks and other pelagics. As a scuba diver, Ticao Island should be on your list!

Sharing the same ocean as Donsol, Ticao’s diving popularity started as being the designated diving area for whale sharks and manta rays. As more sites were discovered, Ticao Island continues to amaze.

Ticao Island is surrounded by several dive sites where you have the choice of big or small. All the dive sites are around Ticao Island. The dive site are 5 to 45 minutes away from Ticao Island Resort. The main diving areas are:

  • Manta Bowl Shoal with 7 different dive sites. Here you find manta rays all year round, whale sharks from November to June, thresher sharks from July to October, and the occasional hammerheads and tiger sharks.
  • North Ticao sites include the San Miguel and Udoc islets located. There are 17 dive sites here. Each dive site has its own unique flair, but on a general note dive sites here are known for the beautiful coral cover and the macro critters.
  • Although still in its infancy, South Ticao has newly discovered dive sites which include a simple wreck, a marine sanctuary, and snake island cave which is home to sea snakes).
  • Dive sites wonderful for check-out dives and night diving is also available at reefs that lie 5 to 15 minutes away from Ticao Island Resort.

Inclusions: Boat, dive master services, tanks, weights, and belt.

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